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Schneider Electric
  • New relays for transmission

  • Relay panels and control houses

  • Distribution

  • Generation

  • Automation

  • Meters and metering systems


  • Remanufacture and retrofit medium voltage switchgear

  • New switchgear

  • Emergency switchgear and service support

  • ASCO Power Tech


Normandy Machine
  • New and remanufactured contacts

  • Bushings and tap changers

  • Remanufactured LTC's

  • New design of old LTC's

  • Parts for LTC's


Reinhausen ICMI
  • Transformer monitoring systems

  • Messko transformer accessories


  • GPS clocks

  • Precision timing products


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GE Grid
  • Circuit breakers

  • Circuit switchers

  • GIS

  • Generation breakers

  • Large power transformers

  • Shunt reactors


  • Disconnect switches

  • HVDC

  • SVC

  • CT's

  • PT's

  • CCTV's


Newell PSN logo.jpg
  • HV electric porcelain and glass insulators

  • High density polyethylene products


  • Bus bar systems

  • Non segregated and segregated bus

  • ISO phase bus


RS Poles
  • Modular composite utility poles used for transmission and distribution


  • Portable ATS, transformers and distribution panels

  • Hi-Pot tested cable

  • Generator and load bank docking stations


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